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Dr. Dayan’s passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery is palpable beyond his work in the operating room. On over 150 occasions, he has published and presented his plastic surgery research on a national and international stage, such as in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. Dr. Dayan has also published or contributed to five textbooks on a variety of plastic surgery topics, including:

Book cover: Migraines: A Guidebook for Diagnosis and Treatment

Migraines: A Guidebook for Diagnosis and Treatment

Once thought to be a disorder of the central nervous system, migraines are now better understood to include peripheral trigger sites. Treatment modalities have expanded to include excellent results with local anesthesia blocks, Botox injections and the release of peripheral nerve trigger sites. Dr. Dayan has produced a concise and evidence-based resource on migraine history, pathophysiology and treatment options for the layperson and medical authorities.

Book cover: Lipedema: The Disease They Call Fat

Lipedema: The Disease They Call Fat

Dr. Dayan adds his research and knowledge to this clinical synopsis of lipedema, a fat disorder that is often mistaken for obesity. An estimated 11 % of post-pubertal women (17 million women in the USA alone) are affected by this disorder. Dr. Dayan and his colleagues offer a practical overview of the condition and provide important information for healthcare providers who treat women.

Book cover: Atlas of Facial Implants

Atlas of Facial Implants

Over the past decade, the field of facial implant surgery has benefited from tremendous innovations in technology, clinical applications and implant design. The 2nd Edition of Atlas of Facial Implants features the work of Dr. Dayan, among other experts, and provides an authoritative coverage of both aesthetic and reconstructive applications of alloplastic implants for recontouring the craniofacial skeleton.

<Book cover: Facial Danger Zones

Facial Danger Zones

Called “The definitive one-stop reference on safely navigating highly complex facial anatomy,” this book, co-authored by Dr. Dayan offers insights and expert knowledge for the clinician on such topics as facial anatomy, navigating intricate and dangerous facial zones and new minimally-invasive surgical technologies and procedures.

Book cover: Emerging Technologies in Face and Body Contouring

Emerging Technologies in Face and Body Contouring

Published in April 2020, Dr. Dayan contributed to this informative guide that focuses on new developments in liposuction, which remains the most common aesthetic surgical procedure worldwide.




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