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Reno, NV Botox Injections

Botox® is probably the most popularly known facial injectable treatment. Botox injections can be obtained at health spas, hair salons and even so-called “Botox parties.” Although botox injections may be easily found, that doesn’t mean everyone who offers them has a deep understanding of facial neuromuscular anatomy to produce the best results. For expert Botox injection from a cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon, we welcome you to Avance Plastic Surgery Institute.

Botox is a neurotoxin, which differs in composition and purpose from other cosmetic injectables. Neurotoxins prevent the neurotransmitters in your muscles from receiving messages from your brain that tell them to move or contract. The result is a muscle that relaxes and does not respond, or respond as much, to stimuli. The injected muscle relaxes, allowing the lines and creases in your skin created by years of the muscle’s movement to become smoother.
While the principle is simple, the proper usage of Botox is not. An intricate knowledge of facial anatomy is required, as well as extensive training to know how much of the neurotoxin substance to use, and where.

Facial Enhancement from an Award-Winning Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Erez Dayan received his cosmetic surgery training at two of the world’s most prestigious medical centers of learning, as well as earning awards for excellence there. His experience with cosmetic enhancements has seen him authoring five books, as well as lecturing and demonstrating cosmetic surgical procedures all over the world. Your local hair stylist or spa technician likely does not have the same qualifications.

With Dr. Dayan’s precise skills and practiced artistry for facial rejuvenation and enhancements, he can offer natural-looking results when using Botox to treat the following conditions:

Lake Tahoe Botox Cosmetic Treatment

When you are ready to address the signs of aging in your face and neck, seek your Reno or Lake Tahoe Botox cosmetic treatment from a highly experienced, professional practitioner. Dr. Dayan can share more about Botox cosmetic treatment and its effects during a consultation at his Reno/Tahoe office. Contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute today to schedule your Botox consultation.

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