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Facial Chemical Peels

Sun exposure can result in age spots and uneven skin tone. Acne as a teen or adult can leave you with troublesome scars that mar your appearance. A popular and effective means of facial skin rejuvenation to treat these problems are facial chemical peels. As an aesthetic specialist and cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Erez Dayan can perform this treatment with excellent results at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

You can achieve naturally beautiful results with facial chemical peels, a form of minimally invasive skin rehabilitation. Dr. Dayan performs a full facial examination before determining if this treatment is right for you. It is especially effective on those who:

  • Have light to medium facial wrinkles and lines
  • Have enlarged pores
  • Have rough patches of facial skin
  • Have sun or age spots
  • Have uneven pigmentation
  • Have acne or other superficial scars

Dr. Dayan can tailor your facial chemical peels treatment to match the level of needs you have, often combining it with other procedures as part of a comprehensive, personalized facial rejuvenation protocol to combat aging and help you look younger.

Get Younger-Looking Skin in Reno / Lake Tahoe

If you are ready to get younger-looking skin in Reno or Lake Tahoe, make a consultation appointment now at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Dayan and our aesthetics team offer differing types of facial chemical peels to treat varying levels of facial imperfections.

Mild/Superficial Peel – Different concentrations of the lightest chemical treatment for light lines, wrinkles or sunspots. Excellent results with very little downtime.

Moderate/Medium Depth Peel – A more invasive and intense chemical treatment for more severe needs, deeper lines and scarring. The deeper level of exfoliation requires more downtime and recovery.

If deeper level chemical peel treatment is needed, Dr. Dayan may choose to combine the treatment with other procedures to obtain the desires you seek. He will explain more about different recommendations in a consultation at his Reno/Tahoe office before any treatments begin. Contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute today to schedule your consultation.

Post-Operative Instructions

Dr. Erez Dayan has completed extensive research on Facial Aesthetics and exceptional cosmetic outcomes. Please read more about Dr. Dayan’s Facial Aesthetics research here.

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