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Facial Trauma Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Any injury or circumstance that requires facial trauma cosmetic plastic surgery involves complex aesthetic and functional issues. In addition to the physical repairs that must be carried out, there are associated psychological and emotional aspects the patient must address. While these may take a long time to heal, the physical repairs can begin almost immediately. Dr. Erez Dayan performs facial trauma cosmetic plastic surgery at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

Completing repairs through facial trauma cosmetic plastic surgery can help to speed the mental and emotional trauma of the patient. However, some repairs may require a series of reconstructive surgeries along with other medical specialists. Dr. Dayan can work in cooperation with various other medical professionals to perform any level of cosmetic and functional facial reconstruction.

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Lake Tahoe Face Reconstruction

The face is highly visible, and it is vulnerable to trauma through accidents, sports or altercations. The delicate balance of tissues, muscles, tendons and cartilage can easily suffer damage that requires extensive repairs. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Dayan for face reconstruction, he will perform an extensive examination, likely including x-rays and scans to determine the extent of the damage.

He will also review your medical history and current condition and consult with other medical specialists, as necessary. For example, you may require the services of a maxillofacial surgeon to perform some repairs before Dr. Dayan can begin. He will work with any specialists to ensure your face reconstruction progresses smoothly and swiftly.

Facial reconstruction is a serious matter and should only be undertaken with the most skilled and qualified surgeon available. Dr. Erez Dayan received his extensive medical training from some of the most prestigious schools in the United States and has written and lectured on plastic surgery techniques. He has also demonstrated the use of advanced aesthetic technologies all over the world.

When you need facial trauma cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery in Reno or Lake Tahoe, NV, contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Dayan.




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