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Nipple Reduction Surgery

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and that is especially true for a woman’s breasts. What may seem attractive to some may seem abnormal or embarrassing to others. This is certainly the case with the nipple/areola area of the breasts. Nipples or areolas that seem too large or misshapen can be viewed with embarrassment or shame. They can also cause other problems, like making undergarments uncomfortable or showing through many types of clothing.

Nipple reduction surgery is a cosmetic breast surgical procedure offered by Dr. Erez Dayan and his superior aesthetics team at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute. Located in Reno/Tahoe, Nevada, the Institute is a state-of-the-art surgical center containing the latest technology and playing host to numerous investigative and research projects for major aesthetic companies from all over the United States.

Dr. Dayan is a skilled cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has undergone extensive fellowship training and certifications for all manner of plastic surgeries, including breast repairs and augmentations. We offer virtual consultations and concierge recovery services for out-of-town patients who travel to obtain the exquisite services of Dr. Dayan.

Cosmetic Areola Reduction in Nevada

When you seek a cosmetic areola reduction in Nevada from Dr. Dayan, the procedure will be tailored to your precise needs and desires. Every woman is different, every breast is different and every surgery is unique. Dr. Dayan will remove the necessary tissue and use other techniques to reshape, reform or adjust the placement of your nipples to provide the best possible appearance.

Different incisions can be used to hide your surgical scars, as well as some recommended aftercare treatments to help fade any visible signs of surgery. Dr. Dayan can explain the details of his recommendations for you during a confidential surgical consultation at his Reno/Tahoe office. He has your best interests in mind to help you become more confident in your physical appearance to live the best life possible.

Contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute online or call us at (775) 800-4444 to schedule a nipple reduction surgery consultation with Dr. Erez Dayan today.

Maintenance Program

The maintenance program at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute is designed to offer patients a convenient way to continue seeing the benefits of our treatments for as long as possible.

To maintain the outcomes of cosmetic breast procedures, we recommend non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments with the following devices:

  • Forma Body (InMode)
  • Morpheus 8 (InMode)

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