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Avance Foundation Reno, NV

Avance Foundation

The Avance Foundation exists to provide no-cost breast reconstruction to patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover breast reconstruction after mastectomy. While helpful in treating cancer and saving lives, mastectomy is also highly destructive. Reconstructive surgery can rebuild a natural body shape and much, much more.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction provides a path to closure after an emotionally trying time. Mastectomy can look very different for every patient. Some may need more tissue removed than others, up to and including the nipple-areola complex. Breast reconstruction is customizable to every woman’s body and needs. After reconstruction, a woman may feel more self-confident with a better body image and ready to move on from her difficult battle with cancer.

Breast Reconstruction Options

There are several options when it comes to breast reconstruction after cancer. The most beneficial technique or combination of procedures will be determined by the type of mastectomy you had, your current health and your desired results.

  • Tissue Expansion: This process takes time but can prepare the skin for breast implants at a later time and may make recovery easier for you.
  • Breast Implants: Several breast implant options include silicone, saline, and gummy bear. Your surgeon will make a recommendation based on your desired result.
  • Fat Transfer: Fat removed from another area of the body via liposuction can be injected into the breasts to create volume.
  • Flap Techniques: These techniques involve the transplantation of muscle from another area of the body to the breast, where it resumes blood flow from surrounding healthy tissue.

Are You a Candidate?

There are many factors to consider when deciding to move forward with breast reconstruction. You must be physically healthy and mentally ready for this next step in your post-cancer recovery. The best way to find out if you are a candidate is to discuss this with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can do a more thorough evaluation and address any of your concerns.

Pro Bono Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

Through the Avance Foundation, Dr. Erez Dayan provides pro bono breast reconstruction for those who have undergone a mastectomy due to breast cancer. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance will not cover the cost of reconstruction, contact Avance Plastic Surgery online or call us today at (775) 800-4444 to schedule an appointment.




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