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Facial Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Facial reconstructive plastic surgery can be needed for a variety of reasons. When you need cosmetic work on your face, it is no small matter. How you will appear to the world forever rides on the repairs. You want an expert in facial reconstructive plastic surgery, and the best is Dr. Erez Dayan in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

Numerous physicians and surgeons have traveled to Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe to observe and learn from Dr. Dayan as he has demonstrated advanced and innovative plastic surgery techniques and technology. As a researcher and investigator for major aesthetic companies like InMode, Allergan and Galderma, his opinions and expertise are widely sought after.

Facial Trauma Repairs in Reno/Tahoe near Lake Tahoe, NV

Regardless of the cause behind your facial trauma, you want the end results of your facial trauma repairs to be as natural and original as possible. Some of the common facial trauma repairs performed by Dr. Dayan include:

Trauma can occur from accidents, personal altercations or a variety of natural causes and necessitate expert-level cosmetic repairs. Whether you need repairs for eyelid conditions, dog bite trauma, skin cancer, fractured facial areas or to erase scarring from past trauma, Dr. Erez Dayan has the training and experience to produce stunning aesthetic and functional results.

Book Your Consultation for Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Dayan routinely works in tandem with other medical specialists when performing various types of facial reconstructive surgery in Reno/Tahoe. Your cancer specialist, otolaryngologist, eye specialist or another medical practitioner can contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute for a consult, or you may call and speak to a member of our team to arrange a consultation with Dr. Dayan.

For the services of a highly-skilled cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon when you need facial reconstructive surgery, contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute online or call us at (775) 800-4444.

Dr. Erez Dayan has completed extensive research on Supplements in Plastic Surgery. Please read more about Dr. Dayan’s Supplements in Plastic Surgery research here.




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