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Pediatric Mole Removal

Moles or pigmented lesions can be present at birth (congenital) or appear after birth (acquired). These can occur anywhere on the body and most are harmless Some can become irritated or ulcerated and cause discomfort. Others may pose a risk for cancer and require an evaluation. When moles, also called nevi, need to be removed. As part of our pediatric facial plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Erez Dayan offers pediatric mole removal at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

Moles are caused by an overgrowth of specific types of skin cells. Sun exposure and heredity contribute to mole formation. Giant or irregular nevi of certain types can form on the head or over the spine and possibly affect the nervous system or pose a risk of cancer. Rare congenital nevi, or moles, can sometimes hinder movement or restrict the growth of an arm or leg.

Most cases of pediatric mole removal are for aesthetic concerns, as the mole is in a highly visible location that could pose concerns over appearance. Some moles can develop in problem areas where jewelry or clothing can irritate them. Dr. Dayan can perform pediatric mole removal when the appearance or irritation becomes a concern at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute.

Nevus Treatment for Kids

When a small mole warrants removal, nevus treatment for kids is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic. Dr. Dayan can help your child relax and gently remove the offending mole. He uses advanced techniques to minimize scarring, especially when the mole is located in a highly visible place. Dr. Dayan can also speak with parents about scar treatments to fade any scarring if necessary.

Larger or more complex nevus treatment for kids may require a longer procedure under general anesthesia. Some may require more than one surgery and several treatments to remove scarring. Dr. Dayan is a skilled cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has demonstrated advanced plastic surgery techniques at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute and all over the world. He is highly experienced in both simple and complex nevus treatment for kids.

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