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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery)

Rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most nuanced procedures in aesthetic surgery, requiring meticulous precision and attention to detail. The goal of rhinoplasty is not to create the best nose, but the best nose for your face. Dr. Dayan is one of a few surgeons in the nation who completed a dedicated aesthetic surgery fellowship after his plastic and reconstructive surgery training, including advanced rhinoplasty techniques by international experts.

He trained in the highest volume centers in the world, not only primary rhinoplasty but secondary and tertiary complex nasal reconstruction. Results should be tailored to your features, enhancing your natural beauty while minimizing aesthetic flaws. A rhinoplasty can also correct structural imperfections, improving your breathing and sleeping. Dr. Dayan at the Avance Plastic Surgery Institute will assess your needs and take a customized approach that improves your appearance and facial balance.

What Does Rhinoplasty Entail?

Prior to any rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Dayan completes a detailed aesthetic and functional nasal analysis and examination, carefully assessing the nose from all orientations with your concerns in mind. Rhinoplasty is performed with either a closed or open approach, based on the extent of the changes you require.

During an open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made across the base of the nose (the columella), giving Dr. Dayan access to adjust the cartilage and bony components of the nose. A closed rhinoplasty involves only an incision inside the nose and may have a faster recovery time for this reason. Using the ideal approach for your case, Dr. Dayan will reshape your nasal structure and improve your breathing.

Many times, patients are not aware they had a deviated septum or airway restriction until after the rhinoplasty procedure is done, and they notice they can breathe much better from their nose. Throughout the rhinoplasty, Dr. Dayan takes meticulous care to preserve the uniqueness of your identity. Your nose will simply fit your face better after surgery, directing the gaze more to your eyes and your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Rhinoplasty?

The benefits of rhinoplasty, or nose revision surgery, from Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, includes:

  • Improved nasal symmetry and aesthetic
  • Correction of structural breathing issues
  • Enhanced youthfulness
  • Nose in better proportion to the other features
  • A more attractive profile
  • Correction of defects in the tip, dorsum and nostrils
  • Enhanced personal confidence
  • A natural-looking outcome
Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty surgery from Dr. Dayan include:

  • Patients unhappy with the appearance of the bridge, tip or nostrils
  • Loss of self-confidence due to the appearance of the nose
  • A nose that protrudes or is disproportionately large
  • Functional breathing problems with the nose
  • In good emotional and physical health
  • No significant medical conditions
  • Non-smoker
What Does Rhinoplasty Recovery Entail?
Each person’s body and face heal at different rates. Dr. Dayan sees his patients frequently throughout their recovery so they can feel confident their results are unfolding as they should. As with all surgeries, some swelling and bruising are to be expected. Dr. Dayan uses the most advanced evidence-based techniques to minimize swelling bruising and discomfort. The usual amount of time needed to recover from rhinoplasty is about 2-3 weeks. Depending on the extent of rhinoplasty, swelling may take 6-12 weeks to resolve gradually to see the full extent of your final results. Dr. Dayan will offer you an aftercare plan tailored to your specific case.
What Are the Fees Involved with Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty can be performed for solely cosmetic purposes, or both structural and cosmetic reasons simultaneously. The nature of the procedure performed will determine the costs, as will the addition of any injectables or facial implants. Dr. Dayan will sit down with you for a detailed, personalized consultation, after which his patient coordinator will offer you a custom quote for his services. Our office can help with financing and insurance on a case by case basis.
Why Choose Dr. Dayan in Reno/Tahoe for Your Rhinoplasty?

Rigorously trained at the world-renowned Harvard Plastic Surgery Program, Dr. Dayan is a leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon offering stunning, natural-looking rhinoplasty results to patients in the Reno/Tahoe, Nevada, area and beyond. He has published and presented on a variety of plastic surgery topics, including five books.

Dr. Dayan has been an invited speaker all over the world, traveling to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America to present his work on cutting-edge techniques. Most recently, Dr. Dayan was invited as one of three American surgeons to participate in the Chinese Society Rhinoplasty meeting in Chongqing, China, where he participated in four days of lectures and live surgery demonstrations.

He has also recently authored an article entitled “Developing Consistency in Rhinoplasty” that was published in the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (the #1-ranked plastic surgery journal internationally). Dr. Dayan is a key opinion leader and investigator for Allergan, InMode, Galderma and MTF Biologics.

When you or a loved one require rhinoplasty, contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV, to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation.

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