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Saddle Nose Repair

Saddle nose deformity gets its name from the distinctive “scooped out” appearance to the nasal bridge. Various trauma or disease can cause this condition to occur, and it can have both aesthetic and functional repercussions. Frequent bloody noses and difficulty breathing can occur. There is also the obvious aesthetic issue that can cause embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence in the patient. Dr. Erez Dayan performs saddle nose deformity repair surgery at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, Nevada.

Saddle nose repair generally involves rebuilding the structure of the nose using existing cartilage or that harvested from another part of the patient’s body. The underlying structure can be rebuilt and strengthened in numerous ways, and Dr. Dayan will recommend the best techniques as well as explain each part of the procedure so that you are confident in his approach.

He can also use digital imaging technology to generate a close approximation of your surgery results, to give you some idea of your post-surgery appearance. Dr. Dayan also explains the risks and benefits of saddle nose repair surgery, so each patient can make an informed decision to move forward with the procedure.

Reno/Lake Tahoe Nose Deformity Correction

Surgery for nose deformity correction, like a saddle nose deformity, can last about an hour under general anesthesia. Patients return home the same day, usually with splints in place to help hold the nose while healing. Some pain and swelling are to be expected, but this should subside within a few weeks. Dr. Dayan will provide pain medication and other treatments to ensure you are healing comfortably.

You will receive aftercare instructions for when you return home, including how to care for your nose and what to avoid, such as strenuous activity, excessive bending, blows to the nose and the like. Complete healing of your nose can take up to a year, inside and out, although it will look and function normally within several weeks after surgery.

When you need saddle nose repair or other nose deformity correction surgery, contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV, and schedule a surgical consultation with Dr. Erez Dayan.

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