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Butt Implant Surgery

The derriere is a distinct feature that many women wish they could improve. Small or sagging buttocks are often seen as unattractive, causing many women to wear loose clothing that hides this feature. Also, those who may have achieved significant weight loss may have sagging skin on the buttocks. Dr. Erez Dayan at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe is a recognized expert in body contouring procedures and using implants to recontour the buttocks. He offers butt implant surgery at his state-of-the art plastic surgery institute in Nevada.

Butt implant surgery from Dr. Dayan can improve the appearance in a variety of ways, depending on your particular needs. Implants of different sizes and shapes can be surgically placed to make a rounder bottom, firmer buttocks or even to enlarge the hips for a more curved figure. Dr. Dayan will perform a physical examination and discuss your desires and goals at length before recommending a butt implant surgery plan.

Reno, NV Buttock Augmentation

When you choose to have a Reno/Tahoe, NV, buttock augmentation from Dr. Dayan, you are placing your care in the hands of a skilled, fellowship-trained cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has written, lectured and demonstrated cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures all over the world. He is widely sought-after for his expertise and knowledge of cutting-edge cosmetic techniques and technology.

During a butt lift surgery, Dr. Dayan can hide the incision in a variety of locations, depending on your needs and the precise location of your implants. The implants are typically inserted within or behind the gluteus muscle, and the incisions are closed using sutures and/or skin adhesive. As the post-operative swelling goes down over time, you will be pleased with your new appearance. This is a permanent surgery that requires no further attention.

If you want a more youthful, lifted backside, contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, Nevada, and book a consultation with Dr. Dayan to discuss a buttock augmentation, or butt implant surgery, at our first-class surgery center.

Dr. Erez Dayan has completed extensive research on Buttock Aesthetic Surgery and outcomes. Please read more about Dr. Dayan’s Buttock Aesthetic Surgery research here.

Maintenance Program

The maintenance program at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute is designed to offer patients a convenient way to continue seeing the benefits of our treatments for as long as possible.

To maintain the outcomes of body contouring procedures, we recommend non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments with the following devices:

  • Forma Body (InMode)
  • Morpheus 8 Body (InMode)
  • Evolve

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