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Botox for Migraines

Botox® is best known for its treatment of wrinkles. Also, it is well regarded among physicians and specialists for treating a wide range of conditions, including spasticity, dystonia (uncontrolled muscle contractions), trigeminal neuralgia and many others. Using Botox as a treatment for migraines stemmed from the improvement of severe headaches/migraines in people using it for cosmetic reasons. After clinical trials, Botox for migraines has been proven an effective treatment.

Chronic Migraine Treatment

Chronic migraines are more than simply disruptive. They can become debilitating to the point of disability, leaving many patients believing there is no hope for relief. This is no longer true.

Chronic migraine treatment has evolved over several decades and now includes multidisciplinary teams from primary caregivers to neurologists. This gives sufferers of chronic migraines a wider variety of treatment options.

A re-evaluation of the root cause of how migraines form has moved treatments from a solely central nervous system focus to treating trigger sites using Botox injections or possibly migraine surgery. Botox for migraine treatment is believed to work because it calms the sensory nerves responsible for modulating pain, reducing their ability to transmit pain signals and modifying the electrical activity of the complex network of pain receptors in the face and neck.

Although the full understanding of why Botox injections work is still being explored, there is no doubt that it does. Botox’s decades-long record of safety offers a chronic migraine treatment to patients who previously believed that treatment was not possible.

Expert Chronic Migraine Care

Receiving the best Botox treatment for chronic migraines requires someone with a complete understanding of how Botox works concerning migraine and how to identify the trigger points that will bring relief. Trigger points are not the same for everyone, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

Migraine Surgery

If a Neurologist has diagnosed you as someone who suffers from chronic migraine headaches then migraine surgery might be the solution that ends your migraine pain for good.

In general, good candidates for migraine surgery Are healthy individuals who are not suffering from other types of conditions. You are likely a candidate for migraine surgery if you meet the conditions listed below:

  • A neurologist has diagnosed you as someone who suffers from chronic migraines or migraine disease.
  • Your migraine headaches typically last for at least a couple of hours or longer.
  • You typically have migraines at least twice per month.
  • You have tried other migraine remedies, but they have failed to prevent your migraine headaches.
  • Your current migraine medicine is producing unwanted side effects.

Migraine surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to alleviate the symptoms of migraines by addressing the underlying causes. During migraine surgery, Dr. Dayan will deactivate the trigger site via nerve decompression surgery and hopefully alleviate your migraine headaches from triggering in the future. The effectiveness of migraine surgery varies depending on the type of procedure and the individual patient. Migraine surgery is generally considered a last resort after other more traditional treatments have failed.

If you suffer from chronic migraines, Dr. Erez Dayan is an expert in chronic migraine treatment, having completed extensive research and authored an authoritative book on the subject. Contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute today to schedule a consultation and receive the help you need to manage your chronic migraine pain.




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