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Sculptra Injections

Facial fillers created from hyaluronic acid can add volume into the skin to replace lost collagen for a more youthful appearance. However, the results are only temporary, usually lasting less than a year before the injections need to be repeated. Sculptra injections are a type of facial filler that uses a different approach to adding volume to the skin, actually increasing the natural collagen to rejuvenate the face. Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV, offers Sculptra injections as one of our anti-aging med spa treatments.

Sculptra is not a hyaluronic acid filler, The main ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid, PLLA, a synthetic substance that stimulates collagen production. While hyaluronic acid fillers have the advantage of adding immediate volume under the skin, the results can vary and may only last several months. Sculptra injections can add natural volume with collagen, which smooths lines and wrinkles with a very natural appearance.

Long-Lasting Collagen Treatment

Sculptra has been approved for cosmetic treatment for loss of volume in the skin by the FDA, both for lipoatrophy in HIV patients and to diminish deep lines and folds in the skin. Sculptra injections are typically delivered in a series of treatments to rejuvenate the face and skin. The results can take up to two months to be noticeable but can last two years or more. Sculptra increases the natural collagen in the skin, creating firmer, more youthful skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Since the volume added is not artificial, the results look natural, appearing slowly as the skin increases in volume and elasticity.

Sculptra injections can rejuvenate the face, and it can also be used in other areas on the body to create a lifting or volumizing effect in the skin. To learn more about Sculptra injections and our other med spa treatments, contact us at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

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