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Male Gynecomastia Surgery

Abnormally large breasts in a male can cause embarrassment and even unwanted social stigma. Men with larger breasts may avoid playing sports or removing their shirts due to self-consciousness about their appearance. Some cases of early gynecomastia, or large male breasts, will resolve over time. Other cases of enlarged male breasts extend into or develop in adulthood. Dr. Erez Dayan offers male gynecomastia surgery at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

Male gynecomastia surgery is quite common and is nothing to be embarrassed about. Blood work, mammograms or hormonal evaluations are the most common methods of confirming a gynecomastia diagnosis. Once Dr. Dayan performs a physical exam and any needed testing to diagnose this condition, he will meet with you to discuss surgical options and details, like scar placement.

Dr. Dayan is completely sensitive to the stigma and embarrassment that normally accompanies this condition. His discretion and surgical skill are both of the highest caliber, and he has only your best interests in mind with every recommendation and treatment. You can depend on Dr. Dayan and our aesthetics team to provide you with the utmost care.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Reno/Tahoe near Lake Tahoe

In male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Dayan can use different techniques to reduce the size and reshape the male breast to a more natural appearance. One technique is using liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue. Another is to combine this procedure with a breast lift to augment and reposition the nipple and breast tissue for the best possible aesthetic.

These surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you will go home the same day as your surgery. You will likely be required to wear a compression undergarment for a few weeks after surgery, and avoid heavy lifting for two to four weeks. Patients may return to non-physical duties within three or four days. Dr. Dayan will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and follow up to ensure your complete recovery.

Contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dayan about male breast reduction surgery.

Post-Operative Instructions

Maintenance Program

The maintenance program at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute is designed to offer patients a convenient way to continue seeing the benefits of our treatments for as long as possible.

To maintain the outcomes of cosmetic breast procedures, we recommend non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments with the following devices:

  • Forma Body (InMode)
  • Morpheus 8 (InMode)

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