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Nasal Reconstruction Surgery

The nose is a highly prominent and identifying feature of your face. When it suffers damage from trauma or cancer, you want the skills of a highly qualified plastic surgeon to restore this important feature to a normal aesthetic and functional status. Dr. Erez Dayan is a highly-skilled cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who performs nasal reconstruction surgery at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

Nasal deformities or trauma can occur for various reasons, including accidents, cancer, previous surgery or as a result of a congenital malformation. Nasal reconstruction surgery must address both cosmetic concerns as well as the functional aspects of the nose. A well-contoured nose is still problematic if breathing is hindered. Trauma to the nose can include a collapse of the nasal passages or valves that must be repaired for the patient to breathe well.

Dr. Dayan uses the most advanced surgical techniques and technology to perform nasal reconstruction surgery in Reno/Tahoe, addressing the particular issues present with each patient. Some may need only cosmetic repairs, as from a slight cancer removal surgery. Others may need more extensive repairs that include grafting cartilage and reshaping the nasal passages and nose structure.

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Nose Trauma Repair Surgery

As with any reconstructive procedures, your nose trauma repair surgery is tailored to meet your specific needs. Dr. Dayan was expertly trained and has the extensive knowledge and experience needed to repair all types of nose trauma. With his credentials and skill, he can complete your nose trauma repair surgery with stunning results, both aesthetically and functionally.

Depending on the level of trauma, nose trauma repair surgery can last from 1-3 hours under general anesthesia. Most patients return home the same day. Dr. Dayan uses advanced techniques that facilitate quick healing and recovery. You can expect to be sent home with pain medications and precise instructions for your aftercare. Dr. Dayan will also follow up with you to ensure your recovery is successful. Swelling can last from 1-4 weeks, depending on the level of repairs needed. You should see complete results in 5-6 weeks as healing is completed.

For more information about nasal reconstruction surgery in Reno/Tahoe near Lake Tahoe, NV, contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, and schedule a nose trauma repair surgery consultation with Dr. Dayan.




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