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Microtia Surgery

Microtia, also called “small ear,” is a congenital deformity where the ears are excessively small and possibly even malformed. There is no specific cause, but microtia can occur along with certain syndromes and is more frequent in infants of diabetic mothers or who were exposed to certain substances before birth. In microtia, due to problems with tissue formation, the ears simply do not develop fully or correctly. In some cases, this is part of a functional problem involving the inner ear. In these cases, Dr. Dayan coordinates microtia surgery to correct the physical ear deformity with treatment by an ear specialist.

In many patients, microtia is the only issue, leaving them with no hearing problems, only aesthetic concerns of the ears. Dr. Dayan can perform microtia surgery to create a fully-formed and natural-appearing ear. With not much material to begin working with, he will likely have to reconstruct an entirely new ear from cartilage harvested from your own body.

Congenital Ear Deformity Repair

As with any congenital ear deformity repair, Dr. Dayan can perform corrections to both children and adults. Most ear deformities are spotted early in life, and parents are eager to have them corrected as soon as possible to spare their loved one’s embarrassment and ridicule. The ear must have stopped growing before any congenital ear deformity repair can take place. This is usually around age seven.

Microtia surgery is typically handled in stages, and there are several methods Dr. Dayan may choose from to complete ear reconstruction surgery for microtia. A complete reconstruction will require multiple procedures. Dr. Dayan can explain more and provide specific recommendations after meeting with you and/or your child in a confidential consultation at his office in Reno/Tahoe.

Contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule a microtia repair surgery consultation with Dr. Dayan. We also offer virtual consultations for patients from outside the Reno and Lake Tahoe area. Dr. Dayan can offer counsel and explain surgical options via videoconference, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your care before planning any travel.

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