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Your Consultation Reno, NV

What Can I Expect from my Consultation?

A consultation with Dr. Dayan at the Avance Plastic Surgery Institute is a thorough process meant to assess your aesthetic goals and educate you on the full array of options, tailored to your specific concerns. Our center offers the full spectrum of treatments from minimally invasive, office-based procedures to surgical procedures, using the most advanced techniques and technology.

In fact, Avance Plastic Surgery Institute is a training and research institute for the latest devices from major aesthetic companies. Plastic surgeons from around the world come to Avance Plastic Surgery Institute to train on the optimal use of aesthetic devices and combination treatment protocols. Our center also performs FDA trials on prototype devices for safety and efficacy prior to reaching the market.

A Consultation Overview

A consultation with Dr. Dayan is a multi-step process designed to fully prepare you for a successful aesthetic experience. The first step in your consultation is to receive an overview of the Avance Plastic Surgery Institute from our lead patient coordinator, who will simultaneously gather important information. This will include your medical history, goals for improvement and details about your current medications and lifestyle.

We also offer a patient portal online where you can provide photographs and medical history information digitally. For our out-of-town patients, we ask that you upload photographs digitally to our patient portal.

Next, you will sit down with Dr. Dayan to discuss your aesthetic goals. Our initial consultations are thorough and typically last an hour. The doctor will perform a detailed aesthetic analysis, describe the science behind his recommendations and provide an overview of what to expect during your treatment. Dr. Dayan is compassionate and intuitive, and he will set you at ease, listening intently as you describe your aesthetic goals.

You will receive information about the risks and benefits of the procedure, the downtime and recovery process and what your final results are expected to look like. Dr. Dayan will share before and after photos with you at this time, and you can also show the doctor any photos you might have brought with you to showcase your aesthetic tastes. Dr. Dayan frequently will give patients copies of his recent publications or books relevant to their procedure. Patient education is a key focus of our consultation process.

Financing and Scheduling

Once this physical exam is complete and all questions are answered, you can then discuss payment options with our patient coordinator, who will create an appointment for you on the books. Once your appointment is scheduled, you can call us at any time with follow up questions that we will promptly answer.

Dr. Dayan provides all his patients with our 24/7 HIPAA compliant text line that reaches the doctor and his patient care coordinators. Patients can keep us up to date with their recovery by even sending secure images/videos to this, and can ask questions with quick responses. You will also be enrolled in our patient portal, which gives you the ability to message our staff and Dr. Dayan 24/7. As the date of your procedure draws closer, our office will remain in close contact with instructions on how to prepare for the day of your treatment and to make sure your recovery is as smooth as possible.

For further questions or to schedule an initial consultation, contact us by phone at (775) 800-4444 or send a message online.




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