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Pediatric Scar Revision

Scarring is a normal bodily process that seeks to heal any break in the skin. When a wound occurs, the body rushes collagen, elastin and other building materials to the site to rapidly close the wound with new skin. This quick repair is almost always different in color and can form somewhat irregularly. Pediatric scar revision is sometimes desirable or necessary when children have been injured.

Unsightly scars or scars that prohibit movement or development can be surgically revised to minimize their appearance and allow for unrestricted movement. Smaller scars are more easily treated and can sometimes benefit from non-surgical scar revision techniques, like laser treatments. Larger or more complex scars require advanced surgical procedures to minimize their appearance or otherwise revise them to allow patients to live their best life.

Dr. Erez Dayan is highly trained and experienced in pediatric cosmetic surgery to repair or erase scarring, including pediatric scar revision. He received prestigious fellowship training after medical school that involved advanced techniques and technology for scar revision procedures. He has since perfected his techniques through numerous scar revision surgeries at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Dayan has also demonstrated scar revision cosmetic plastic surgery all over the world.

Scar Treatments for Kids in Reno, NV

Avance Plastic Surgery Institute provides superior scar treatments for kids in Reno/Tahoe, NV. Dr. Dayan and his talented aesthetics team can use various non-surgical and surgical means to perform pediatric scar revision anywhere on the body. Scar revision is best attempted when the scar has had time to form and complete its natural healing process fully. This can take up to a year after the initial injury.

Dr. Dayan can examine your child’s scars and recommend the best treatment options and timeline in a confidential consultation at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute. Extensive or disfiguring scars will likely require several procedures over time to obtain the best results. Dr. Dayan also offers virtual consultations for patients from outside the Reno/Tahoe and Lake Tahoe area, or for other cases with ongoing work for extensive scarring.

When your child requires pediatric scar revision, you can choose no better cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon than Dr. Erez Dayan. Contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule a consultation to learn more about scar treatments for kids in Reno/Tahoe, NV.




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