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Orbital Fracture Repair

Orbital fractures are typically caused by trauma to the eye area, involving the eye socket. Some severe trauma may trap the skin or muscles of the eye, causing trouble with movement or vision. The eye can also be out of position because of a fracture to the socket. Dr. Erez Dayan can perform simple or complex orbital fracture repair at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

Orbital fracture repair is a reconstructive surgery that is normally carried out under general anesthesia as soon as possible after the trauma occurred. Dr. Dayan will closely examine your face and eyes, noting what areas are injured and to what extent. He may also order x-rays or other scans to determine the exact nature of any hidden trauma. Your eye socket fracture repair surgery is tailored to meet the specific needs of your injury.

Eye-Socket Fracture Repair

Orbital fracture repair can restore your eye and socket to functionality again and make cosmetic repairs that are immediately evident. However, other subtle changes and improvements will be noticeable throughout the healing process after surgery. Dr. Dayan will ensure your post-operative discomfort is minimized with medication and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Stitches are typically removed 5-10 days after surgery, but you will still have swelling for several weeks after surgery. Dr. Dayan will give you complete aftercare instructions that include a time frame for resuming normal facial skincare and wearing makeup. He will also arrange for follow-up visits to make sure you are healing properly and are not encountering any setbacks.

Dr. Dayan is a Harvard-educated, fellowship-trained and widely sought after cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has demonstrated advanced plastic surgery techniques and technology around the world and across the United States. He has written over 150 medical articles and contributed to five books on plastic surgery. There is no better qualified and skilled plastic surgeon in the area to perform your eye socket fracture repair.

Contact the Reno/Tahoe office of Avance Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule an orbital fracture repair surgery consultation with Dr. Dayan for more details and information about this surgical procedure.




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