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Lip Lift Plastic Surgery

If aging has taken a toll on your lips, making them appear thin, wrinkled or saggy, lip lift plastic surgery can erase these signs of aging for a younger appearance. Your lips can be alluring, sensual and smooth again with cosmetic surgical enhancement. Dr. Erez Dayan is a cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who performs lip lift plastic surgery at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, NV.

Lip lift plastic surgery addresses the issues of the upper lip to correct sagging and add volume if needed. Dr. Dayan typically places a small incision in the crease just beneath the nose and shortens the skin of the upper lip, thereby lifting the lip for a youthful appearance. As it is raised, the upper lip also turns a bit outward, adding to the pleasing aesthetic.

In some cases, Dr. Dayan may use liposuction to obtain a small amount of fat for fat grafting to add volume to the upper lip for a smoother appearance. This can add the necessary definition to the lip that a mere lift sometimes cannot provide. The small scar should fade with time to become practically unnoticeable.

Lip Enhancement Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Dayan is a highly skilled lip enhancement cosmetic surgeon, with impressive credentials and extensive experience. He routinely uses advanced plastic surgery techniques to sculpt and enhance lips for a more pleasing appearance, leaving little evidence of surgery behind. Your lips will appear young and smooth with no restrictions on movement or expressions.

After surgery, you can expect the lips to be swollen, but this fades quickly, usually within a week or 10 days. By two weeks after surgery, your complete results are evident, and all discomfort should be gone. Dr. Dayan will also provide you with aftercare instructions and follow up with you to ensure your complete recovery.

For lip lift plastic surgery from a skilled lip enhancement cosmetic surgeon in Reno/Tahoe near Lake Tahoe, NV, contact Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, and schedule a surgical consultation with Dr. Erez Dayan.

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