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3 Basic Options in Reconstructive Ear Surgery Reno, NV

Your ears frame your face. If they are too large, protruding or deformed, your ears can be a major threat to your self-confidence. Unless you have long hair or can wear a hat every day, the ears are difficult to conceal. Fortunately, a qualified ear plastic surgeon can help. At Avance Plastic Surgery, we offer a full menu of procedures to correct unsightly ears, ranging from minor cosmetic repairs of the earlobe to full reconstructive surgery of the ear.

When it comes to ear reconstruction, there are three main types of surgeries that patients can choose depending on their unique concerns.

Microtia Surgery

This procedure is designed for patients who were born with small ears. The ears may be excessively small or not fully developed. Microtia typically involves partial reconstruction of the upper half of the outer ear cartilage or the entire external ear in severe cases. Rebuilding a small ear is often completed in multiple procedures and involves grafting of skin and/or cartilage from another area of the patient’s body.

Otoplasty Surgery

This is a simple, highly individualized surgical procedure that corrects oversized ears. Otoplasty is a safe and extremely common ear surgery, especially for young patients who are being teased for overly large or protruding ears. Ear pinning (or Otoplasty) can take several weeks of recovery to allow the new cartilage to harden and heal.

Trauma Repair Surgery

There are plenty of times when the ear (or ears) are not deformed at birth but suffer unexpected injury or trauma. This can range from a vehicle accident, sports trauma or previously unsuccessful ear procedure. The ears can also become deformed or unsightly after skin cancer removal. A cosmetic and reconstructive ear surgeon understand the intricate anatomy of the ear as well as what it takes to repair the skin and cartilage back to its original condition after an accident.

When Hearing is Affected

It is not uncommon for a deformity or trauma to impact the function of the ear as well as its aesthetics. At Avance Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured that in such cases, Dr. Dayan will carefully coordinate your ear reconstruction with treatment by an ear specialist.

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your ears? Call our Reno plastic surgery clinic today to learn more about our expansive menu of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the ears. We understand how unsightly ears can impact your self-esteem and distract from your overall facial beauty.

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