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Don’t Do This After Your Plastic Surgery Reno, NV
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Are you scheduled for plastic surgery? Whether it is a tummy tuck or facelift, you have likely spent hours researching your plastic surgeon as well as the specific surgical techniques that will be used. While these are critical aspects of your cosmetic surgery, don’t dismiss the importance of your recovery. Proper healing and recovery is not only beneficial to protect your comfort and minimize your downtime, but it can also drastically influence your overall results. Regardless of where it is performed on your body, plastic surgery involves trauma to the skin and other body tissues – and these must heal in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

At Avance Plastic Surgery, we will always utilize techniques to minimize your recovery and downtime as much as possible after plastic surgery. However, there are some specific guidelines you’ll need to follow after you are home. Adhering to your plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions should be a priority if you want to get the most out of your cosmetic surgery investment.

While you will be given detailed instructions for your specific procedure, here are three important “don’ts” during your recovery:

  1. DON’T take over-the-counter medications and supplements without consulting your surgeon.
    While it may seem insignificant, aspirin, Vitamin E and other pharmaceuticals can lead to serious bleeding after your procedure and increase the risk for bruising. Always share your list of prescriptions as well as over-the-counter supplements that you are taking with your plastic surgeon, even if they seem harmless.
  2. DON’T smoke.
    This is a big one, and a rule you should follow for a set period of time both before and after surgery. Smoking is a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it can constrict your blood vessels, inhibit proper blood supply and ultimately delay healing at the surgical site. If you choose to light up too soon after surgery, you’ll increase your risk for complications!
  3. DON’T hit the gym too soon.
    Why would using your legs to run on the treadmill compromise your lip lift or rhinoplasty? Regardless of where your plastic surgery was performed on your body, it is best to take it easy and avoid strenuous exercise during your recovery. Working out increases your heart rate, which then raises your blood pressure and can negatively impact the surgical site that is trying to delicately heal.

At Avance Plastic Surgery, we not only offer the most advanced cosmetic procedures of your choice, but we also value the importance of making sure your recovery is quick, safe and comfortable. In doing so, we always give our patients detailed instructions for the days and weeks following their plastic surgery. For those that want the most relaxing, efficient and successful recovery possible, we also offer concierge recovery services at our Reno clinic.

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