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Is a Neck Lift Right for You? Reno, NV
Mature woman after neck lift touching her neck and chin.

The angle of the chin and neck should be smooth and defined in order to create a youthful and attractive appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, this angle becomes rounded and blunted due to the formation of excess skin in the neck and the formation of vertical bands (neck cords) underneath the chin. As a result, aging adults often develop an undesirable “turkey waddle” in the neck. To address this, a neck lift surgery can be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Neck lifts are among the most sought-after plastic surgeries. In fact, even the recent pandemic didn’t stop patients from getting this cosmetic procedure. According to the annual trend report just released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “160,235 people managed to sneak in a neck lift in 2020, and this is despite doctors’ offices being closed for roughly eight weeks due to COVID-19.” This can be explained by the increased downtime as well as the “Zoom phenomenon” that refers to how often people were forced to look at their face (and necks) on computer screens through video platforms like Zoom.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, or cervicoplasty, is the treatment of choice for long-term neck rejuvenation. It is designed to tighten skin, reduce excess fat and restore a more youthful contour and angle of the chin and neck. Combining a neck lift with a facelift allows patients to address vertical bands and heaviness in the jawline as well as restore their cheeks and mid-face to a more youthful position.

What Can a Neck Lift Achieve?

Neck lift surgery embraces a variety of procedures to improve the appearance of the neck. Each patient’s degree of aging as well as their desired goals for surgery should be carefully considered. Depending on your unique needs, a neck lift may include removing excess fat (neck liposuction), removing excess skin with a facelift and/or a platysmaplasty, a procedure that tightens the “corset” muscle of the neck. If you have vertical bands in your neck, loose or sagging neck skin or an undefined jawline, you may benefit from a neck lift. Rejuvenating the neck helps countless men and women regain a more youthful and confident appearance despite their actual age.

Would a neck lift help you feel more confident in front of a camera? If you would like to learn more about rejuvenating your neck and face in Reno, please call Avance Plastic Surgery. We are happy to explain the details of a neck lift procedure, including your expected downtime and results.

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