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Plastic Surgery for the Thighs and Buttocks Reno, NV
Body Contouring

When women complain about their figure, they often mention the displeasing contour of their thighs and buttocks. These are two of the most common problem areas for female patients. For many, efforts to eat right and exercise are still not enough to make these body features look youthful and attractive. In fact, even after dramatic weight loss, patients can suffer from thighs and buttocks that are sagging or ill-defined. Fortunately, there are plastic surgery procedures to reverse this popular frustration for women. Avance Plastic Surgery proudly offers both thigh lift surgery and butt lift surgery – how could this surgical combination change the way you feel about yourself?

Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery, also referred to as thighplasty, is a procedure designed to tighten the inner and/or outer thighs and improve the overall contour of this body feature. Women may seek thigh lift surgery after they have lost weight and still suffer from inner thighs that touch or from outer thighs that have sagging or excess bulges of skin. When dealing with issues of significant skin laxity, plastic surgery is often the only effective solution.

Depending on your specific concerns, thighplasty can be performed with various techniques and incision placements. It is not uncommon for patients to also undergo liposuction in combination with their thigh lift surgery to truly refine and sculpt the thighs into the most youthful and firm contour.

Butt Lift Surgery

Like thigh lift surgery, a butt lift surgery is true to its name. While there are several different approaches and techniques, this procedure is meant to lift the buttocks by removing excess skin and creating a more firm and supple appearance. A butt lift surgery should be chosen by those that are bothered by their drooping backside and not those who want to add more volume in their buttocks. A butt lift is not the same as a butt augmentation, which can include the placement of buttock implants.

Butt lift surgery is straightforward. Incisions are typically strategically created in the upper curvature buttocks along the bikini line. The outcome of this procedure is highly effective, as the butt is instantly given a tighter and more attractive shape, allowing women to wear their bathing suits with confidence and pride.

A Skilled Body Contouring Surgeon in Reno

Are you interested in thigh lift surgery, butt lift surgery or both? Call Avance Plastic Surgery. We would love to tell you more about how these procedure can address your specific concerns. You can trust that Dr. Dayan employs minimally invasive, cutting-edge technology to tighten skin and optimize results from these popular body contouring.

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