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The Role of Lymphatic Massage After Plastic Surgery Reno, NV
Lymphatic Massage

One of the top concerns that patients have when considering plastic surgery is the recovery. Whether you are trying to be discreet about your procedure or simply get back to work sooner, everyone wants a recovery that is as fast, comfortable and smooth as possible. Beyond adhering to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions for healing, it may also be beneficial to schedule a massage.

A massage to improve healing after plastic surgery shouldn’t be just any massage. The recommended type of massage is called a lymphatic massage or drainage massage. This is a special technique of manual pressure that targets the lymphatic system, which is a less-obvious but very significant part of your plastic surgery recovery process.

One of the inevitable drawbacks of cosmetic surgery is swelling. While swelling should only be temporary and is a natural inflammatory response to healing, it can be a disruptive side effect that impedes your recovery process. Body enhancement procedures, such tummy tucks, breast augmentation and liposuction, can bring additional swelling as excess fluid and fat cells harden in the days and weeks after surgery. This happens when the lymphatic system slows down, which commonly occurs when the body undergoes any type of surgery or stress.

Intervening with a manual lymphatic drainage massage, therefore, can work to stimulate the lymphatic system and help patients not only heal faster but with less swelling and discomfort. When performed by a trained professional, this massage strategy works to move accumulated fluid and waste back into the lymphatic passages, where it can be effectively flushed from the body. Lymphatic massage can also prevent bruising as well as fibrosis, which refers to the development of thick, fibrous scar tissue under the skin.

A plastic surgeon may recommend a lymphatic drainage massage after your cosmetic surgery to achieve the following profound benefits:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relieve pain and swelling
  • Drain excess fluids that result in swelling
  • Remove metabolic waste from tissues
  • Improve skin quality and tone
  • Relieve soreness and numbness in the treatment areas
  • Reduce the risk of future complications
  • Flush out lactic acid from the body
  • Support relaxation and relieve stress
  • Stimulate the production of mood-regulating hormones (serotonin and dopamine)
  • Decrease overall recovery time
  • Improve final results
  • Disrupt scar tissue formation and loosen surrounding muscles

Lymphatic massage after plastic surgery is a win-win for patients. Not only does it improve patient comfort, but it can also promote the best possible results through better healing. At Avance Plastic Surgery, we recognize the value of educating patients on the most effective recovery strategies after their cosmetic procedure. The way you heal is a paramount component of your overall plastic surgery experience and results.

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