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Ways to Promote Faster Healing After Plastic Surgery Reno, NV
Woman After Plastic Surgery

While some cosmetic procedures are easier than others, all plastic surgery involves some level of recovery and healing. In fact, patients often consider recovery time as an important factor when deciding whether to go forward with a cosmetic procedure. Healing after plastic surgery is not only essential to your overall results, but it can be accelerated by the way you care for yourself at home.

As a cosmetic surgery patient, you can be proactive and help yourself heal faster with the following:

Stop Smoking
Smoking comes with many health risks, but it is especially harmful when your body is trying to heal. Smoking (or using nicotine products) is a vasoconstrictor that can limit blood flow to your tissues and increase your risk for infection and scarring. If you want to protect your plastic surgery investment and facilitate optimal healing, you should strictly avoid smoking both before and after your procedure.

Gentle Activity
Immediately following your surgery, rest is typically advised. However, don’t dismiss the benefits of gentle activity during the first several days. You’ll want to avoid exercise and heavy lifting in most cases, but light walking and mild movement may give your body benefits that accelerate recovery and lessen postoperative pain.

Mind Your Diet
What you eat or don’t eat can make a significant difference in how you well and fast you heal after cosmetic surgery. Be mindful of consuming foods that nourish your skin and body and reduce swelling. Stay hydrated and choose fresh fruits and vegetables, but do your best to avoid foods that may increase risk of bleeding and swelling, such as salty snacks, processed foods, spicy foods and many herbal teas and supplements. Eating a healthy diet before and after plastic surgery is an easy way to improve recovery.

Laser Light
One of the concerns during recovery is scarring. Patients want to do everything they can to lessen the appearance of their cosmetic surgery scars. Keep in mind that your scars may look more red in the beginning, but they should fade over time. However, don’t be afraid to ask your plastic surgeon about laser light treatment to minimize redness and inflammation along the incision.

Follow Doctor’s Orders
Every plastic surgery procedure is unique, and different patients will heal differently with the same procedure. Therefore, it is important that you listen closely and follow to your physician’s post-operative instructions for recovery. If you are concerned about the appearance of your scars, level of pain or whether you should perform a certain activity after surgery, always call your plastic surgeon for advice.

For more tips on how to heal faster after your cosmetic procedure in Reno, contact Avance Plastic Surgery.

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