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Scar Removal & Revision in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee Area

Are you in need of scar removal or scar revision surgery and looking for a skilled plastic surgeon in the Lake Tahoe area? While scarring is the body’s perfectly natural response to breaks in the skin, their appearance can sometimes pose aesthetic concerns. Some scars can even restrict movement or development and pose functional issues. Scar removal and revision surgical procedures are designed to minimize, erase or alter scars for aesthetic and functional purposes. Dr. Erez Dayan offers scar removal and revision at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in the Lake Tahoe area.

Scars can occur on any part of the body. Some wear their scars proudly, while others cringe at their appearance in the mirror because of an undesirable scar. Injuries, skin conditions and other genetic factors can cause scarring that impacts your appearance or movement. Extensive scarring from serious injuries can affect issues like sight, breathing and speaking. Scar removal and revision procedures are intended to help patients live their best life by minimizing the impact of scars.

Revision Surgery in in the Lake Tahoe Area

Dr. Erez Dayan received extensive fellowship training in scar revision surgery after his initial medical training. He has since gained vast experience with advanced scar removal and revision techniques. At Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, he offers scar revision surgery for the following:

Bouts with acne as a teen or in adulthood can leave ugly scarring. Many women who undergo a C-section childbirth hate the appearance of the unsightly gash across their abdomen. Keloid scars can form and grow to grotesque proportions, causing embarrassment and functional problems. Dr. Dayan can perform various scar revision surgery options to revise, minimize or eliminate scars for an improved appearance at our center in in the Lake Tahoe area.

If you have troubling scars in in the Lake Tahoe area, Dr. Dayan can help you with scar removal and revision options. Contact our office to schedule a scar revision consultation with him at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute.




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