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Pelvic Floor Restoration Without Surgery Reno, NV
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Tired of doing Kegels? Do you struggle with urinary incontinence or reduced sexual pleasure after having kids? Postpartum pelvic floor disorders are estimated to impact nearly a quarter of the women in the United States. When the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal canal are stretched during childbirth, major setbacks can exist for women. Fortunately, females with pelvic floor laxity and weakness no longer have to undergo surgery to fix it. Modern radiofrequency treatment devices, such as Votiva, are available to restore both the function and appearance of your pelvic floor and vaginal region without surgery.

The Importance of Nonsurgical Vulvovaginal Therapy

A woman’s pelvic floor plays a stronger role in everyday life than you may assume. While no one can see them, the pelvic floor muscles do the very important job of supporting the bladder, bowel and uterus. If these muscles are stretched out or weak, they can’t contract like they should. In result, women can suffer from incontinence of bladder and bowel, pelvic prolapse and even reduced sexual function and/or pleasure. While pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of pelvic floor dysfunction, these muscles can also weaken due to prostate cancer treatment, obesity or the straining of chronic constipation.

In the past, women who suffered from PFD could either commit to doing more Kegel exercises or undergo surgery. Now, we have more effective and preferred solutions. Did you know that nonsurgical vulvovaginal therapy has been one of the fastest growing areas in plastic surgery and urogynecology over the past 10 years? Restoring and revitalizing the pelvic floor and vaginal region without surgery can be accomplished with advanced radiofrequency technology.

Radiofrequency Technology for Postpartum Pelvic Floor Issues

Not only is radiofrequency (RF) safe for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, it has also been shown to provide long-term improvement of the maximal pelvic floor contraction. This noninvasive procedure can also address other unwanted consequences of childbirth, such as tightening vaginal canal and improving the appearance of the labia.

Whether it is the external appearance of your genitalia, the burden of stress incontinence or the diminished sexual pleasure you’ve experienced due to over-relaxed vaginal muscles, call Avance Plastic Surgery to learn your non-surgical treatment options. We are proud to offer Votiva Radiofrequency technology to women who want to restore their pelvic floor with less downtime, discomfort and cost.

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